Truewind proudly announces its recognition as the UK Partner of the Year for Highest Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

The award presentation took place at Instep in London, where the importance of customer satisfaction and value was celebrated. Truewind’s recognition underscores our consistent pursuit of excellence in providing top-tier solutions and services to our clients.

Truewind, now part of the Axians family, remains committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers through innovative software solutions and nurturing genuine partnerships. We have played a pivotal role in assisting clients like BIL (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg), a pioneer of innovation in the dynamic banking and financial sector in Europe. 

The Innovation Awards ceremony will return next year, where Truewind is preparing to unveil our latest solutions and projects for the current year, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering value to our customers.

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