With mental health and stress issues growing among doctors and trainees in the UK, The NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) has been delivering care to doctors for a number of years through its London office. Under the plan, NHS PHP would expand to offer care to GPs and trainees in England suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

This care and support would include face-to-face services providing general psychiatric assessment and treatment as well as ongoing support for addiction-related health problems. As part of the new service, the NHS PHP needed to build a mobile app and an online patient booking system that provided anonymity to patients. 

NHS Booking App enables more than 85,000 health professionals to schedule appointments anytime, anywhere. In the first two weeks, there were more than 1,000 users.

Lucy Warner Chief Executive, NHS PHP

NHS Booking App was developed in 7 weeks with OutSystems technology, which focuses on speed of delivery, of change, innovation and with great user experience.  A proof of concept on the potential mobile application was completed during the procurement phase in under one week.

Thanks to OutSystems and Truewind, the app can be deployed to any device and healthcare professionals can book their consultations from any device, whether that is iOS, Android smartphones or a tablet. 

Read the NHS Case Study here.