Truewind global IT solutions provider and ICE Utility Professionals announced today that they have entered into a strategic long-term partnership expected to accelerate the growth of both companies and provide a strong technology offer in the Utility market within the Benelux region. 

The main goal of this partnership is to create bespoke IT solutions for the Utility market, fast and without bumps, combining Truewind 13 years of experience within the low-code market, as a leading OutSystems Partner worldwide, with ICE Utility Professionals extensive knowledge as respected advisors in multiple fields such as Business & IT, Process & Performance, Data & Analytics and Operational Experts in the Benelux region. 


“Due to the collaboration with Truewind, we are now able to supply custom IT solutions for our customers in addition to standard IT solutions. Customers can therefore be assisted with knowledge and expertise, and the expertise of ICE can also be called upon for IT challenges: one-stop shopping! There are many reasons why ICE has chosen to collaborate with Truewind. In addition to providing a high-quality service, Truewind also ties in well with ICE when it comes to working ethic, hands-on mentality, and an accessible attitude. Both portfolios can also reinforce each other. In short, a great collaboration that allows us to position ourselves even better as the solution provider for the utility industry.” – says Marcel van Staa, CEO at ICE Utility Professionals. 


“I am excited by the potential that this partnership presents both for Truewind and ICE Utilities, but, especially, for our customers. Together we have the power to deliver a more sustainable future. Truewind is a renowned OutSystems partner known for the broad experience and skillset that our team possesses which ultimately translates to the delivery of exceptional solutions and in turn driving real value for our customers. Apply that to the knowledge ICE has in the Utility market and you’ll get value based sustainability solutions.” – says Ruud Hochstenbach, IT Business Development Specialist at Truewind.

Truewind has already worked with EDSN, a renowned utility company in the Netherlands and ICE works with leaders in the utility market such as TenneT, Alliander, Vattenfall, and EDSN as well.


About ICE Utility Professionals

ICE Utility Professionals is the solution provider for the Utility industry, where people are central. ICE Utility Professionals secondes Consultants in the Utility sector. We have more than 20 clients in the Netherlands and Belgium (corporates, start-ups, and scale-ups) and 15+ years of utility-only experience. Thanks to our many years of focus and experience, we have in-depth and broad industry knowledge. In our client relationships, we strive for the role of Trusted Advisor. We advise our clients on achieving their objectives and support them in their implementation. 

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