Truewind, a well-established trusted elite OutSystems partner and Agile Digital Transformation Thought leader and Bright Skills, a Swedish OutSystems partner helping organizations to accelerate digitalization by creating high-performing agile teams and leveraging the low-code platform signed a partnership agreement to jointly capture the robust market of opportunities in Sweden. Under the terms of the agreement, Truewind and Bright Skills will co-market and co-sell the OutSystems platform in the Swedish market, conduct joint business development and offer a service that develops top quality web and mobile applications to medium and large enterprise organizations.

The partnership combines Bright Skills depth of experience and leadership delivering bespoke software solutions to the Swedish market with Truewind’s 12+ years of experience delivering agile OutSystems solutions. Customers in the Swedish market considering low-code adoption can now rely on a team of 80 OutSystems professionals backed by the experience of an Elite OutSystems partner with a local team presence that ensures solutions are delivered to the local market’s expectations and culture. The customer engagement and customer-facing project functions will be led locally, and on-site by Bright Skills professionals.

“Bright Skills sees a huge opportunity in the Swedish market for the adoption of the OutSystems low-code platform, helping corporations to create a highly flexible and reliable digital factory, where IT works in close collaboration with business, testing new ideas and rapidly iterating toward the perfect business solution. Partnering with Truewind will allow us to instantly be ready to deliver top quality OutSystems solutions using our rapid team delivery concept, relying on Truewind capacity and technical know-how.”

Michael Stjernström CEO, Bright Skills

The vertical focus will start in manufacturing, corporate business services and healthcare where the two companies leverage most of their experience and best practice capability and bring the immediate value of adopting agile methodologies, the OutSystems Low Code platform and modern application development thought leadership to the market quickly. This will later broaden and further adapt to the needs of the evolving market and customer projects. 

Partnering with Bright Skills will enable Truewind to extend its customer reach into Sweden and tap into the depth of trusted OutSystems experience and capacity that Truewind spent 10+ years building, and make that available to the broader market. This will ultimately provide Swedish customers with an enhanced high touch service level, combined with Bright Skills local cultural knowledge and Truewind’s reputation for agile and digital transformation thought leadership that has helped several brands fast track their web and mobile app development, get to market 50% faster and increase their productivity. Ultimately, it’s a huge win for Swedish customers.

João Campos CEO, Truewind

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