Your Trusted OutSystems™ Partner

Truewind’s professional multidisciplinary team is ready to build OutSystems™ solutions according to customers needs. Our core OutSystems skills are leveraged by a variety of expertise in multiple areas such as Design, Digital Experience, Quality Assurance, Database, and Integration to deliver engaging user experiences required to our customers. We are your experienced OutSystems Partner!

Meet OutSystems™, the #1 low code platform

So, what is low-code? The main clue is in the phrase itself: low quantity of code. Low-code platforms enable the rapid development of applications. OutSystems™ is the #1 low code platform simplifying every stage of the app development and delivery process enabling digital transformation at pace, and providing:

Your outsystems elite partner - Truewind

Rapid Productivity

Dragging and dropping functionality into a visual development environment provides greater agility than traditional hand-coding.

Reduced Costs

OutSystems™ centralized and automated management, keeps costs down due to a faster development time compared to traditional coding.

Multi-channel Development

Easily integrate with any system to protect investment on existing systems of record and/or data sources.

Open Platform

Enterprise-grade platform to build and manage very large portfolios of applications created by teams of developers just as easily and quickly as a single app.

Built-in Security

One single risk platform and over 200 security features for end-to-end fraud prevention on your apps. It is possible to build unbreakable apps with OutSystems™.

Massive Scalability

Scale applications from 10 to thousands of users with ease, making the power of OutSystems™ apps unlimited.

Why is Truewind your Experienced OutSystems™ Partner?

Our history

A World-leading OutSystems™ Partner for 13 years now, with one of the largest certified teams in the world. Over 60% of our operations are in OutSystems™, which enable us to deliver only high quality and innovative technology solutions. With 2 delivery centers in Portugal and Brazil, we produced hundreds of projects for our clients in different timezones.

Your outsystems elite partner - Truewind

Our people

We have a team of 150+ certified OutSystems™ developers, covering all skills required to deliver and operate outstanding solutions when using the platform. This means 95% of our developers are experts in OutSystems™, and the remaining 5% are certified professionals in different platforms & technologies which makes us leaders in delivering an exceptional platform integrations service. We believe that knowledge and excellence are part of our essence and that’s why we seek to allow new talents to become top experts, delivering 14 academies to date, and creating hundreds of new OutSystems™ talents in the past 5 years.

Your outsystems elite partner - Truewind

Our awards

Our excellence and expertise delivering OutSystems™ projects align with our constant team motivation to be the best in the market turned into an acknowledge recognition. In 2008, Truewind becomes OutSystems™ Premier and later in 2012, we were awarded World Partner of the Year. Shortly after, between 2014 and 2016, we were considered their most valuable partner and last year we achieved the title of OutSystems™ Champion Partner of the year 2018. Our happy customers are what motivates us, and we have received 21 OutSystems awards from projects we delivered.

Your outsystems elite partner - Truewind

Truewind proves a high level of technical expertise that reflects real project hands-on experience and delivery of quality applications to our customers

Catarina SantosRegional Channel Manager, OutSystems™