SharePoint to OutSystems

Are you tired of your customers demanding more out of your SharePoint environment and not being able to satisfy their needs?

Are you constantly trying to create workarounds to make SharePoint do something it wasn’t designed for?

Is the lack of workflow/automation, lack of integration, poor data integrity, and poor user experience creating complex challenges for your business?

Are the SharePoint development capabilities limiting your overall success?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, read on to see how OutSystems with Truewind can help you!

Drivers of Change

Time to market

Making the most of the opportunities created by ever-changing markets requires speed and innovation. Time to market is critical. Your customers are changing their behavior and how they interact with technology and your employees are also looking for apps/systems that make their daily work easier. This can create a major challenge and won’t give you the flexibility necessary to adapt to change quickly and Gartner predicts that 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted an Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform, as one of their strategic platforms by 2023. So, for you to be competitive in the market you must adapt to this change sooner or later.

Legacy Applications

Another motivation for change lies in your legacy applications. Your IT team has to maintain, evolve and enhance hundreds of applications, some way beyond what the original platforms were originally designed to do. This extra effort to keep the lights on, will drain resources away from innovation and it’s an ongoing burden that will make you tired, whilst they keep building technical debt with every new feature and bug fix.

6 reasons to replace Sharepoint

Poor End-User Experience (UI/UX, Navigation, URL Issues, Poor Usability)

Sharepoint lags when it comes to good UX, as it was designed to be a content manager, so even supporting your business with a simple mobile app is impossible.

Lack of workflow/automation

Microsoft is retiring SharePoint Designer which leaves companies with the decision of going with Power Automate or searching for other options. Whilst Power Automate may handle simple and repetitive tasks, you’ll hit a wall when trying to replace complex workflow scenarios.

Poor integration capabilities

Although SharePoint offers integration with Office 365 and many other systems, it often poses several challenges that require an extra development effort, resulting in additional risk, time, and cost for your projects.

Not a true development platform

To meet specific needs, SharePoint requires a high level of customization, which Microsoft warns against. To deliver it you'll need very senior and experienced teams (which are becoming harder and harder to staff), additional risk, and blown-out projects. It's just not a platform for the bespoke development of enterprise-grade applications.

Data Integrity

Data Integrity, Security, and Traceability are big concerns in a world where cybercrime is increasing every day. Having the right processes, checks, and restrictions to keep your most valuable assets, your data secure is paramount.

Poor or lack of adoption by end-users due to poor experience and lack of capabilities

Keeping your users engaged requires intuitive and easy-to-use applications. The days of having extensive and formal user training, and wordy user manuals should be a thing of the past by now. A good UX should be a must to boost employee productivity, after all, that’s why you’re creating applications in the first place.

Landing with Rapid Application Development

A full enterprise solution powered by OutSystems and AWS S3 can provide your organization with the tools and resources you need to solve your business challenges fast. Our full suite of solutions can provide you with:

-Extremely fast time-to-market with application low/no-code development

-Superior UI/UX for better Customer Experience

-True Database Capabilities and Infrastructure

-100% Cloud-Based Solution, including AWS S3 storage

-Real mobile application and capabilities

-Native API with Pre-Built Integrations

-Ability to grow with your business as needs evolve

It can be hard to believe that all these benefits and capabilities are real, which is why Truewind is here to help you! Our long-standing relationship with OutSystems and over 15 years of experience implementing digital solutions for our customers, means we can confidently deliver the best solutions to fulfill your business needs.

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