Great experiences can only be built if the organization understands what the user wants, not just for the system but for the organization as a whole.

What we do

Digital Experience

Exceptional experiences only emerge when human needs and aspirations meet business vision and solutions. From that intersection, we create real value that moves organisations forward and connects them with their stakeholders. Our Experience Design practice combines research, design thinking and product design to build a shared vision and guide you from inception to an experience your customers will love.

Job Offers Truewind

Agile Development

We have adopted the Agile Scrum development methodology to deliver our projects. Its goal is a continuous discovery and continuous software delivery: iterating quickly, frequently releasing, continually learning, and promptly prioritizing what to build next. This methodology, along with the rapid development provided by the OutSystems low-code platform, can genuinely yield outstanding go to market times.

Integration Solutions

Leveraging the OutSystems power of “integrate with anything”, our team is ready to connect the OutSystems application with the existing applicational landscape. Using OutSystems out-of-the-box components and creating customized ones, we can support the integration with ERP, business and data analytics platforms, productivity suites, social media, cloud services, legacy systems, and more.

Digital Factory

To encompass the organization’s Digital Journey, the Digital Factory framework provides a set of recommendations for organizational structure and governance, optimizing processes, and resources. Truewind offers its experience and expertise to coach its clients in this digital growth path, from foundation base to center of excellence, and finally to the fully digital enterprise stage.

Operations & Maintenance Services

To support on-going operation, assuring uninterrupted service with continuous performance and efficiency improvement, Truewind offers support and maintenance services. These include monitoring the application and platform alerts, auditing and logging; correcting errors and malfunctions; performing minor solution change requests.

Experts Services

On top of our Agile Development, Operations and Maintenance Services pack, we have a tailored offer of services to support our clients’ daily challenges, such as custom architecture and design services, project development coaching as well as application and platform assessments, and auditing.

How we work

Conceptual Stage

In a lean startup approach, we partner with the client in understanding, defining and outlining the problem. Gathering the hypothesis on how to create value, uncovering user needs, and planning for Agile development.

Discovery Stage

The Discovery combines Truewind’s and clients’ expertise and knowledge for the definition of a holistic vision of the solution. During these sessions and workshops, market, technology, and people will guide the discussions and explorations, Truewind will facilitate these, using design thinking and service design techniques and methodologies.


A Scrum-based development approach that embraces change, and focuses on frequently delivering the most valuable features first. The regular solution demonstrations, followed by the client testing and experimentation, help to measure results, review the assumptions, and adjust both the requirements and priorities to be developed next.

Release Stage

To assure a smooth and quick solution release, for public or pilot rollout, we supports the essential planning, transition execution, and production hypercare. This stage includes performing final tests, assessments, corrections, and tunings, according to UAT, automated tests, performance, and load tests, as well as penetration and security checks.

Ongoing Support

With the production release, the operations take-over starts, and the continuous monitoring and evolution of the solution is vital. Truewind’s customer care services provides the application and platform inspection, performance tuning, fixing errors, and minor change requests implementations.