Delta Coffee needed to optimize the planning and evaluation processes of campaigns directed at the modern distribution channel. The creation of a multifaceted information hub provided greater capacity for rich analysis and report.


Delta’s major problem was the existence of information silos once the data was stored in Excel files and e-mails. Data integration remained a manual task, with difficulty in retrieving the history of actions and campaigns. Data was manually exported from the ERP and an intensive validation work was required. Every quarter, campaign financing and pre-evaluation calculations were manually updated which lead to a 75% compiling information time waste instead of supporting decision-making.


Create a central repository of campaigns’ information;

Automate campaign performance evaluation;

Less time processing data, more time analysing data;

Integrate data from SAP;

Have an interdepartmental collaboration tool that feeding input to production and supply chain.

Key Figures


7 Truewind consultants

3 development months

600 campaigns managed per year

35 active users

700 products

3,200 active clients

 "The integration of short-term operational planning modules, pre and post-campaign assessment, management of customers’ terms and conditions, customer profitability, dashboards and real-time reports management, all in a single platform, benefits more than just the sales team. It aligns the organisation as a whole and frees up time for analysis and decision-making (instead of spending time producing information)."

Delta Modern Grocery & Automatic Distribution Business Unit Director


Truewind developed a bespoke campaign management solution that provides control over all campaign planning stages, as well as a campaign workflow that includes status information and notification. The back office systems includes automated calculation rules in Excel files for specific pricing procedures, avoiding unnecessary task repetitions in campaigns’ financing and pre-evaluation.  A dynamic interactive calendar enables users to create and schedule campaigns quickly and easily using a drag & drop interface. A dashboard provides an overview of global data and notifications, showing key indicators such as the scheduled campaigns for the coming weeks, the status of each campaign and the number of campaigns per customer. Truewind used an agile development methodology to drive Delta’s project throughout different stages. Defining the best fitting solution for the organisation and creating the overall functions behind the Sales Information System (SIS) and integrating with SAP. The OutSystems platform provided implementation agility and speed. Ensuring full compatibility with mobile devices and allows users to access SIS anywhere, anytime.


SIS provided Delta Coffee with the ability to plan and evaluate campaigns in a more effective way, enabling the company to adjust and modify strategies to achieve a better return. Besides freeing time to actually analyse information, Delta improved data reliability, enabling campaigns simulations for new products and comparison between actual figures and expected sales. SIS ensured a greater acceptance by advanced analysts and other internal teams and allowed the use of Excel as an alternative analytical front-end tool.