Our Manifesto

This is our Manifesto, describing our reality, what brought us here, and the guide to building our future.

Genuine partnerships drives true customer value

Empathy | Commitment

Together with our customers, as partners, we make the world evolve. We walk side by side, understanding goals and making them happen! Our guiding principle is to create value for our customers’ businesses, for our business, and for all of us.

We understand how businesses operate and that gives us confidence to challenge the status quo and contribute with new ideas. Above and beyond building what we are asked to, we innovate and provide valuable solutions. Our customer’s goal is our goal – and we will achieve it. We will always go the extra mile to deliver success.

We focus on long-term relationships, based on transparency, honesty and trust and this open approach gives us insight to find opportunity in every challenge.

Passion for challenges delivers true excellence

Panache | Excellence

We thrive on challenges. Uncertainty makes  us develop new knowledge and put it to  the test. Known tasks also challenge us to  perform better, faster, more intelligently,  and with higher quality. We’re passionate  for the challenges that drive us far beyond  responsibilities or obligations and inspire those  around us. It’s OK to fail as long as we learn  from the failure and share that learning, so the  overall community avoids the same mistakes. 

We have a sense of reverence for technology  and agility, and the power it gives us to  improve people’s lives and our customers’  processes. We excel in our work, with quality,  and take pride in what we deliver because we  put everything into what we do.

Outstanding cooperation builds a true team

Consistency | Backing

Team spirit comes from the cooperation to put all our contributions, inventiveness, inspiration We’re stronger together because we all  benefit from one another’s knowledge  and skills: if someone lacks the skills or  

experience, another member of the team will  jump in and pass on the learnings along with  the solution. This close cooperation knits us  closer and makes us unstoppable.  

Our eyes are on the final result, well  beyond what each team, individual  or department can deliver on its own.  

Team spirit drives us above and beyond  our own set responsibilities. Team spirit  comes from the cooperation to put all our  contributions, inventiveness, inspiration  and ingenuity together towards a common  goal. We are an all-star team, not a team  of individual stars and we value common  success over individual success. 

Cooperation includes helping and asking for  help. We choose cooperation over competition.

We don’t just develop software, Truewind solves problems. We deliver value for our customers. Our Clients are partners with whom we work, support, and advise. We are ready to go the extra mile to deliver the right solution.

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We have a constant passion to understand how to do things, and to give our best in every task to make a difference in every customer. At Truewind there are constant challenges, and we all run for a single goal: to deliver exceptional quality.

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A company where team spirit and willingness to help others is part of the DNA. Alight work environment that brings great results.

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Truewind creates connections between people, inviting them to give their opinions. A focused grown-up informality that promotes collaboration and, career and people’s growth.

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Culture of inclusion, teamwork, and learning. Truewind is a company where everyone is open to teach and learn.

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Respect creates a true friendship environment

Care | Transparency

We have a warm and friendly atmosphere built on kindness and respect. We enjoy smiles and a happy mood.

We have a warm and friendly atmosphere  built on kindness and respect. We nurture a  relaxed environment that promotes creativity  through positive feedback. We enjoy smiles  and a happy mood. 

We respect differences and value  authenticity, we give everyone the freedom  to be who they are, always respecting  boundaries. We may or may not be friends  outside of work, but when together, we relate  in a cordial and friendly way.  

We communicate openly and directly and  encourage constructive feedback in all  contexts, openly and without barriers.  When dealing with professional issues we’re  always considerate and caring for each  other’s personal context. We trust each other  because we know we’re all working towards a  common goal that we’ll achieve together. 

Shared expertise generates true knowledge

Sharing | Progression

We are proud of our technical and business skills and transmitting knowledge thrills us. We are all responsible for flagging and helping solve the problems we observe, turning a blind eye is not Truewind expertise is enriched everyday by  the shared experience of the team. We are  proud of our technical and business skills and  transmitting knowledge thrills us. We are all  responsible for flagging and helping solve the  problems we observe. Turning a blind eye is  not an option.  

We strive to continuously improve our way  of doing things and create tools that enable  the growth of Truewind’s knowledge base.  We are eager to enrich our practice with the  different experiences and know-how of new  team members.  

Join us in living these principles

We are always looking for the most talented professionals to join our family. We have an amazing future awaiting for you. Send us your application and be part of our team.

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