OutSystems award their Top Partners, and Truewind just received Champion Partner of the Year 2018.

Truewind was awarded the “Champion Partner of the Year” award by OutSystems at the NextStep Conference in Amsterdam on the 9th of October. What does the Champion award mean? It means that Truewind is the partner that registered the most opportunities on the OutSystems partner portal out of the whole OutSystems partner ecosystem for ‘2018.

“We want to thank the OutSystems team for their support and recognition. We are truly working together to make customers happy.  This is a big deal. It means as a fast growth organization and team, we are working smart and gaining momentum. Our work and hard efforts are making a postive impact and being noticed. Congratulations to the Truewind team for their contribution and "making it happen." Prospects, and customers OutSystems and competitors are taking notice. This is all a team effort!”

- Michael Day, Truewind CMO

“I want to thank you all. This is yours and mirrors the effort and commitment you put into everything you do”

- João Campos, Truewind CEO