Utrecht – Truewind enters the Benelux market to support companies in achieving their business results through low-code application development. The global digital solutions provider is one of the top OutSystems Partners worldwide, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, and Brazil, and works for organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance, automotive, and retail, among others. The company specializes in delivering a high-quality customer and user experience (CX and UX), enabling organizations to achieve their business results. Truewind is already working for a number of customers in the Benelux, a region where the need for high-quality, distinctive applications continues to increase significantly.


There are many applications available and user expectations are sky-high. For organizations it is crucial that an application works as expected, is secure, and is built with all modern widgets. Truewind is a strategic and development partner, enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation with the help of modern, future-proof, secure, and user-friendly applications. This requires a high degree of expertise, which Truewind has, thanks to its twelve-year partnership with OutSystems and various specializations such as UI / UX. Truewind’s UI / UX expertise, brings a better customer experience, enabling organizations to be one step ahead of the competition. Applications are also extensively tested, which contributes to safety, among other things. Due to Truewind’s offices’ locations in various time zones, organizations can go 24/7 for application management. They have already worked with renowned organizations, including BMW, Jerónimo Martins (Ahold’s shareholder), KBC Bank, and Randstad.

Opportunities in the market

“Truewind is a prestigious digital solutions supplier and one of our most experienced partners. By focusing on UI, UX, and customer satisfaction, they will also distinguish themselves in the Benelux region. I am pleased that Truewind will storm the market and help companies in this region to achieve their business results.” – says Willem van Enter, Vice President OutSystems EMEA.

Ruud Hochstenbach, responsible for Truewind’s business development in the Benelux agrees: “I am proud to be able to shape the organization in the region. Our expertise ensures that we also make a difference in a mature market as it is the Benelux. In addition, the demand for modern applications continues to increase, with an urgency for a good UI and UX. I am also looking forward to developing applications that contribute to achieving real business results.”


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