Truewind Academy is intended for new graduates or finalists in the areas of Economics, Engineering, Management or another course with
a strong mathematical component, who have the ambition to pursue a professional career in information technology consulting.

We're looking for:

  • Degree in Engineering, Management, Economy or Mathematics ;
  • Strongly motivated to work under consultancy environment;
  • Ease of problem-solving, logical reasoning and analytical capacity;
  • Willing to be in a constant learning environment;
  • Aptitude for dynamics environments;
  • Excellent capacities of communication and client orientation;
  • Availability to travel; 
  • Fluency in English;

What do we have for you:

  • Intensive training in Information Systems;
  • Specialization on a Truewind partner's technology;
  • Networking with experienced consultants;
  • Possibility to develop a technical or management careers, in a national or international context;

To the best trainees:

  • The best trainees will become part of Truewind's international team;

To apply:
Send us your CV to