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Nowadays, test automation is a trend, and every day we hear about a new framework or a new test automation approach. It’s undeniable that automation can bring great value, but it depends on what approach we use.

But how does this work with OutSystems? OutSystems generates 100% standard mobile and web apps, so we can use any tool available in the market. At Truewind we use Katalon studio.

In this webinar we will demonstrate in a practical way how we can automate functional tests, using OutSystems standards to increase efficiency, reusability, and maintainability. 


David Cardoso, Head of Quality Assurance, Truewind

Rodrigo Viana, Test Automation Engineer, Truewind

Truewind is leading the digital low-code revolution and is one of the biggest partners of the leading low-code platform, OutSystems. 

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