Links: Analytics Plugin (Firebase) | Crash Reporting Plugin (Firebase) | Performance Monitoring Plugin (Firebase)

Using Firebase on your OutSystems’ Mobile Apps will let you know your users, what they are doing and how much time they spend on the app. This information enables you to make better decisions and expand your user base while keeping users happy.

For that reason, Truewind have created the Firebase Mobile Forge component in 2018 and this is the most installed mobile component created by an OutSystems Partner, with more than 2000 downloads and a rate of 4.8.

Since its launch Truewind is overseeing the component by making sure that it is updated and compatible with the last OutSystems platform (O10 and O11), MABS versions, and last Firebase SDK updates.

OutSystems started to also support Firebase, enabling you now to use Firebase in the OutSystems mobile through the following Firebase-based plugins: Google Analytics, Crashlytics, and Performance Monitoring.

Apart from the plug-ins mentioned above, there is available a Firebase Mobile Sample App with examples of how to use the different components.Remember, that these are only compatible with mobile devices (android & iOS).

If you would like to have push notifications, you should use the original component. There is only a sample App for this component. 

But the good news is that we are working closely with OutSystems to make these components compatible with each other.

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If you would like to read more about the firebase component, please have a look at OutSystems articles, webinars and sessions Truewind delivered at NextStep.