These numbers are related to a survey made to 566 working Dutch people conducted by Truewind, a global provider of digital solutions specialized in the OutSystems low-code platform.

84% switch to other apps when the provider is too intrusive

Another reason to switch to another provider is if they have a better app. This is the reason for 79% to switch. Dutch people younger than 30 are the most sensitive to this (87%), people in their fifties are the most loyal (70%). The younger Dutch (84%) and those in their fifties (84%) find it equally frustrating if the app provider is too intrusive, such as when an app sends many push notifications or emails. For people over 60, only 75% consider this a reason to switch.

A third switch happens if there are too many updates

On one hand, more than a third of the Dutch (36%) claim to switch to a similar app if an app needs to be updated often. Women (40%) have shown to have more issues with this than men (33%). On the other hand, Dutch people under 30 don’t find it annoying to update an app often: 72% say this is not a reason to switch to a similar app.

Searching for the right buttons

If an app is difficult to understand, 77% will look for an alternative. Dutch people under 40 are the quickest to switch if an app doesn’t provide a good user experience(80%). Having grown up with many different apps, they have high standards regarding apps and their user experience. If these expectations are not met, they are determined to delete the app. Only 7% of young Dutch people say they do not know where the buttons are in a new application. Of those over 60, a third (33%) find it difficult to find the right buttons in a new app. For women, not understanding how an app works is a major frustration. No less than 80% will look for an alternative if they do not understand the app. 

Ruud Hochstenbach, responsible for the business development at Truewind in the Benelux region says: “It’s clear that we Dutch have little patience, so if an app often gets stuck, if we can’t find the right buttons, or if there are always updates to do, then we surely switch to an alternative. If the Application Developers want to retain their users, they must walk the extra mile to offer a high-quality service app that is very user-friendly.”


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About the research

This research was conducted by PanelWizard on behalf of Truewind among 566 working Dutch people, aged eighteen and older. Of these, 55% are men and 45% are women. Age is divided into five categories: under 30 years (19%), 30-39 years (20%), 40-49 years (28%), 50-59 years (25%), and 60 years and older (8%).

Table: Reasons to switch to a competitor