Digital transformation is enabling organisations to do things in different ways by focusing on what consumers, employees and other stakeholders expect from the organisation and combining internal strengths with new engagement channels to deliver engaging experiences.

Great experiences can only be built if the organisation understands what the user wants, not just from the system but from the organisation as a whole. Truewind Digital Thinking is the methodology Truewind uses to engage users, uncover requirements and plan what to deliver.





Start by observing and researching the organisation. Cultural awareness comes from team debriefing and benchmarking, all to provide tangible and realistic insights. 




Reflect on the observations to structure and prioritize insights. Define a holistic approach to problem analysis and development centred on needs and pain points. 




 Experimentation with stakeholders and users is key to get the best user experiences. Prototyping and testing journeys and UIs lead to customer experiences that align with how the brand is perceived.




Digital transformation doesn’t end with implementation: instrument the solution to monitor how it's being used feeds back, both in terms of the services offered and how they are delivered.



Understand to Materialise

Truewind commits to a full digital innovation process: understand
to deliver, monitor and feedback. Truewind uncovers user needs and exceeds expectations, delivering business solutions that excel. No compromise: User-centred approach, delivering what users expect.

Low-Code Development

Low-code development platforms, like OutSystems, enable rapid delivery and unprecedented go to market times. Acceleration is consistent in all phases, integrating feedback and changing the solution to new market conditions just as easy as it was to deliver the first version.