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We live in a complex, fast-paced and challenging world. Businesses and organisations need to cater to diverse and demanding audiences. Digital solutions support critical business processes and define how customers interact with brands. In this context, the experience is paramount, and the quality of the interactions with your business determines your perceived value for your customers, employees and partners.

Experience must not be an afterthought or dismissed as mere aesthetics. It is strategic and vital for the success of your product. At Truewind, human-centred design is at the heart of our thinking, along with business objectives and technological possibilities. To help you deliver better products and services, we established a comprehensive Digital Experience practice that guides and co-creates with you throughout the process, from idea to delivery, combining technical expertise and business knowledge with proven design experience.

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How can we help you?

Every challenge is different. So is each client, and we commit to establish a collaborative partnership with you and tailor our approach to achieve the best outcomes together. These are the main reasons why you may want to engage with our Digital Experience practice.

Launch a new product or service

Design and develop a new product is a multifaceted endeavour, combining business goals, customer needs and multiple constraints. We will work with you across all stages, from research and ideation to design and delivery in true collaboration so that you experience the multidisciplinary approach to design, business and engineering we bring to your project.

Deliver a better customer experience

Great experiences result from a series of significant interactions your customer has with your organisation across his journey and how you add value in each of those interactions. We partner with you to understand who your customers are, what they expect, and how and where you can meet their expectations.

Scale your design capabilities and capacity

Our experienced and multidisciplinary team can complement your team with specific skills: UX design, usability testing, design system and style guide bootstrapping, OutSystems frontend development, mobile design, user research, digital brand application and others. We empower you to deliver better and faster experiences.

Test a hypothesis or assess an existing solution

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes or a different approach for your project. Using our rapid-prototyping skills, we can validate with your stakeholders an idea or a project vision. If you have issues with a current application, we can perform a UX/UI assessment, identify significant problems and point to a solution.

Our capabilities

We believe that Design (the one with capital D and that aims to solve problems) is fundamentally holistic and needs a multidisciplinary environment to prosper. That’s why we engage the full spectrum of design disciplines to envision your experiences and combine our frontend development expertise to make tangible those ideas. 

Combining creativity with purpose and technical pragmatism, we structure our capabilities in three main areas: Research and Strategy, Experience Design and Frontend Development.


Design Research is more than knowing your customers. It is also to understand the market, the industry, the organisational ecosystem, the technical constraints and possibilities. At Truewind, we strive for a deep understanding of the problem space to extract actionable insights. 

We apply a holistic view of research, human-centred and design-driven, keeping it as agile and nimble as possible, yet focused on getting the right balance between the big picture and the little details informing decisions and next steps. 

Customer Behaviour Research | Industry Trends & Competitors Benchmark | Organisation Landscape Analysis | Service Experience & Touchpoints Audit

Ethnographic Research | Stakeholders Interviews | Discovery Workshops | Customer Journey Maps | Benchmarks | Usability Tests and Others

Experience Strategy

A strong strategy requires a shared vision, precise goals and clear agency.  Our experience strategy practice focuses on helping you to explore market and customer opportunities, unveiling new concepts that solve an old problem or instigate innovation across your business. We co-create and validate how to provide value to your customers, what that value means and how to translate it into a digital solution.

We bridge the gap between strategy and delivery, so our strategy work renders into clear concepts for a product, an actionable roadmap to bring it to life, a prototype to align stakeholders, to name some examples. At Truewind, strategy means transforming insights into actions that deliver the best value for you and your customers.  

Product Concept & Vision | Experience & Touchpoints Strategy | Strategic Product Roadmaps | Digital Brand Strategy | Rapid Prototyping & Validation

Co-creation and Co-exploration Workshops | Personas Definition | User Story Mapping | Low Fidelity Prototyping | Product Roadmap | Scenarios | and Others

Digital Product & Service Design

Digital products are like living organisms: evolving, adapting and finding new ways to grow. 

Our design practice helps you transform your research insights and strategy into tangible artefacts, adding structure, order and flow to your products or services, crafting the interactions and engagement touchpoints your customers will experience. 

Always bear in mind that, even when a product or service seems simple, a good deal of work happens backstage to provide a seamless and pleasant experience.

Information Architecture | Interaction Design | Service Architecture | Product and Service prototyping 

User Flows | Content Models | Sitemaps and Navigation Flows | Wireframes and Prototypes | Service Blueprints & Others

Visual Design & Digital Brand Systems

It is easy to dismiss visual design as a simple aesthetic question. 

But it’s not that simple. Colours, typography, shapes, sound, images convey emotions, rhythm, structure and sense that define the way your clients experience and remember your product.

We work with you to define all these aspects and create coherence and delight so that your brand experience maintains its identity across mediums and channels. 

Digital Brand Design and Development | Digital Design Systems | UI Design & Guidelines

High Fidelity Mockups | Style Guides | Digital Brand Guidelines | Design Patterns & Other

OutSystems Frontend Development

Great design requires specialised frontend development to make it real.

The perfect interface design doesn’t add value if not translated in an accessible, responsive and polished application by skilled frontend developers.

OutSystems provides standard patterns and components, but when you want your application to reflect your brand with highly tailored, differentiating solutions, you need more than off the shelf elements. Our dedicated frontend development team ensures that the UI and interactions push the OS limits and gets the best experience for your customers.

UI Assessment | Theme Architecture | Theme Development | Accessibility Consulting

Themes | Patterns | Sample Pages and Screen Templates & Others

The Team

Our Design and Digital Experience team brings together a diverse and multidisciplinary group of professionals with multiple industries’ skills and experiences. Marketing, Product Design, Multimedia, Branding, Graphic Design and Web Development merge with the sole objective to deliver sophisticated, delightful and valuable experiences to your customers.