Fidelidade is the Insurance market leader in Portugal and they identified the need to create a platform to overcome the challenges they faced regarding risk analyses.




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Challenges they faced regarding risk analyses were:

Demand: the customer needs and perceptions regarding the value of the provided outputs evolved and a new layer of information/ analytics was required;

Business model: the risk assessment activity was facing some disruption by a new way of approaching business; Positioning: innovation is one of the key dimensions on Fidelidade positioning model.

Time to market: development of quantitative approaches – scoring – required a massive amount of data and therefore not compatible with the traditional methods in place.

Efficiency: risk assessment was done through outdated methods and customer outputs were generated with basic productivity tools; Measurement: A non-calibrated vision of assessed risks could lead to significant differences in similar outputs provided (point of failure).


  • Better knowledge of risk under management & highly accurate risk profile – i.e. through data analytics.
  • Improve mitigation strategies and ability to better manage risk – increased profitability.
  • The score value is generated automatically based on pre-defined criteria.
  • The mobile app has a built-in scoring and it can be used in offline mode.


The creation of Scorerisk, a risk analysis platform developed by Truewind in the Outsystems platform made Fidelidade standing out from its competitors by turning digital and more accurate the risk analysis processes. Some of the project features are:

  • It’s the first risk analysis platform in Portugal that has a built-in scoring.
  • It’s available in a web version and a mobile app, and both are multi-currency and multi-language.
  • Typified risk analysis checklists can be set up in the back office, structuring the information and allowing the automatic association of recommendations that are issued to the customers.
  • Enables the execution of follow up risk analysis and mobile app works in offline mode.
  • Scorerisk optimizes analysts’ daily work in different areas: Environmental risk analysis, occupational health and safety, property risk analysis and workplace risk analysis, in the web version, eight complementary modules were developed to supplement the risk analysis.


With the ScoreRisk project, Fidelidade expects:

To profile and assess risk within different geographies, expected to be used in other countries where Fidelidade is present.

To reduce the customer risk towards workers compensation, property insurances and environmental liability.

To positively induce the adoption of mitigation strategies in a widespread portfolio of customers.

To proactively deliver the most adequate risk management solutions (customized insurance policies) at the most suitable price point.


Today the Outsystems platform supports a very important part of Fidelidade business capabilities, both in the digital ecosystem and in business support applications, and has been able to help us respond to Company strategy and the challenges of innovation. It’s Fidelidade main strategic platform.

Rosa Mimoso IT Strategic Lead, Fidelidade
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Since 1808, Fidelidade has protected the future of families, companies, and of Portugal itself. As market leader in the life and non-life segments, the insurance company brings its sheer size, solidity and credibility to join with innovation, as one of the company’s core values. Its strategy is based on the development of innovative products, which could make the difference in people’s lives.