PLUG – Contracts Management

PLUG – Contracts Management


TPF identified the need to create a digital solution to manage and supervise all the construction projects developed for their clients. A big part of TPF operation was done on the field, so there was a huge necessity to ensure advanced mobile interaction functionalities even in offline mode, guaranteeing fluidity and fast user experience. Besides that, all the field measurements and quality records were done manually and transferred afterward into complex Excel spreadsheets, making this activity very time consuming, where tons of paper were wasted.




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  • Operation Costs Reduction.
  • Become paperless.
  • Improve communication and interaction between the parts involved in each contract.
  • Improve efficiency by turning all processes digital.
  • Centralized information to reduce data loss and errors.


Truewind developed a powerful solution using OutSystems, composed by a back office and a mobile/web application, creating agility, dynamism, and security during the process of managing and supervising all contracts produced. The mobile/web application allows the supervisors to collect all data related to all different execution streams. Contracts Management is composed of several features, such as service orders confirmation and fulfillment, map measurement, field measurements, and quality records check. Several functionalities can be used in offline mode when the supervisor is located in areas without network. Truewind also developed a sophisticated back office that can be controlled in different areas like finance and administration with functionalities, such as contracts management, client and users’ portfolios management, real-time data uploads into the app and surveys created to assure the quality standards required by law. TPF and its clients can now have a detailed overview of all construction sites status, projects in real-time or in a map view, and be aware of all work safety techniques to have in the field.


The Contracts Management solution is now the main platform used by TPF to manage and supervise their contracts. Since the data is all in the same place and in real-time, it allows TPF to be future-ready, preventing errors and loss of information. This solution not only revolutionized the way TPF manages and supervises their projects but also allowed an almost 100% paper reduction during the whole process. Apart from that, the communication between TPF and all projects intervenients improved considerably, due to the full transparency that this digital solution brought to the whole process.


OutSystems and Truewind allowed us to create a system that revolutionized the way we work. Before this solution, we had to input all information manually in spreadsheets after visiting the sight constructions and as you can imagine this was so laborious, ending up many times in the loss of information which wasn’t ideal at all. This system supports the complexity of our work, contributing to an efficient improvement for a more profitable business. Felipe Matos CFO at TPF

Felipe Matos CFO, TPF
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TPF was created in 1991. Originally, the main activities focused on energy and Third Party Financing. This was a very innovative concept at the time, and the company’s name was derived from it. TPF has grown rapidly on the engineering market. Over the years, the group successively expanded in Europe, Asia, Africa and America through a series of acquisitions and became a key player, internationally recognized in its field. Today, TPF is ranked among the most important multidisciplinary companies active in the following sectors: building, transport infrastructure, water and energy.