PLUG – Coleta Inteligente

PLUG – Coleta Inteligente


TPF is responsible for the inspection of rubbish collection and bush clearing in Recife. This process was executed almost 100% manually, which involved the use of tones of paper during the process. Apart from that, the manual processes allowed room for errors as it was impossible to have a real-time overview of the whole cleaning process, without forgetting that this data had to be accessible and managed by 3 different entities and its many employees.




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  • Paper usage reduction.
  • Reduction of errors and loss of information.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of communication between all business parts involved.
  • Agility and speed responding to business needs.
  • 360˚ business overview.
  • Real-time data.


Truewind developed a digital solution built in OutSystems that enabled the flexible configuration of forms for gathering information and operational evidence regarding the city rubbish collection and bush clearing through a mobile app. This solution consisted of 1 frontend and 1 backoffice application.

The frontend application allows access to all Services Orders(SO) previously created, and the ability to fulfill checklists. Each checklist could be fulfilled by text, numbers, images with or without geolocations and it also has a check-in functionality, that capture QR codes, barcodes and NFC. Besides that, it is also possible to identify new demands live in order to tackle the problem immediately.

The backoffice solution enables the consolidation of all forms previously collected, as well as the management of all the users’ profiles, modules, cities, contracts, checklists, execution companies, points of control, service orders issued and services executed in real-time.

This way, TPF now ensures that all this information is securely stored in one place and can be easily accessible by everyone involved in the process, enabling them to react in a time record to the community needs.


TPF Plug – Coleta Inteligente granted the paper removal during the business processes, contributing to a reduction of errors and loss of information.

Having a 360 overview of the whole process allowed TPF to map all the service areas that were not being executed, reinforcing the areas with the largest demands.

Finally, this solution contributed to a cleaner city and the reduction of the TPF’s margin of errors once everything is synchronized in one place and one click.


The use of the OutSystems Platform, with the support of Truewind, allowed the rapid implementation of a flexible and user-friendly information system, capable of digitizing the big data collection process of urban cleaning and solid waste collection services in the city of Recife. Our communication became clearer, more efficient, and more horizontal. With the other companies entirely involved in the process, we feel that now everything is organized and that we are able to produce and monitor different KPIs from the operation. If we achieved these results in such a short time, I can’t imagine what the future will bring.

Eduardo Scalia Project Manager of Recife Solid Waste OCC
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TPF was created in 1991. Originally, the main activities focused on energy and Third Party Financing. This was a very innovative concept at the time, and the company’s name was derived from it. TPF has grown rapidly on the engineering market. Over the years, the group successively expanded in Europe, Asia, Africa and America through a series of acquisitions and became a key player, internationally recognized in its field. Today, TPF is ranked among the most important multidisciplinary companies active in the following sectors: building, transport infrastructure, water and energy.

Truewind is now Axians