Pingo Doce & Go Nova

Pingo Doce & Go Nova

Jerónimo Martins

Jerónimo Martins is the 7th biggest discount grocery store in the world. Our challenge was to open a lab store to test out new technologies and products. For continuous evolution, it was necessary the usage of a flexible platform adapted to the digital revolution and focused on the customer experience.




UX/UI Designers


Frontend Developers


Development weeks

4 000+

Active clients in the first week

12 700+

Receipts issued in the first week


  • Improve & simplify shopping convenience and experience while reducing checkout queues by turning all the process cashless & paperless.
  • Technology ready to give responses to the fast-moving consumer goods sector.
  • Meal solutions focus & showcase new products to increase brands’ investment.
  • Conveying environmental concern message.
  • Real-time business analytics to build new solutions for business processes, while increasing customers’ engagement.


Pingo Doce & Go Nova is a frictionless physical store, built in OutSystems and integrated with nine different third party entities, inside NOVA University Campus, where you can make your shopping and go for meals.

This app emerged to revolutionize customers’ experience while shopping, by reducing checkout queues and get them to become familiarized with new products they do not know yet. Truewind helped to translate concepts like Paperless, Cashless, Seamless and Tap to Go into technology accessible to everybody.

With Jerónimo Martins’ disruptive vision and core values in mind, their top priority was to build an app that guarantees a great User Experience, from the moment the customer enters the store until they leave.

Several complex technological challenges were solved, including the architecture of the applications and their integration with third-party systems, namely:

ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) with NFC technology; Mifare contactless smart cards; Coffee Machine; Go 24/7; Gates; Loyalty; POS; Self Checkout; Zebra Devices with Barcode Readers; SIBS; Zabbix Monitoring Systems; Firebase; SAP. Truewind played a relevant role in defining the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and developing 4 platforms to make everything possible, namely Customer APP, Staff APP, Production APP, and a Backoffice web application, all of them orchestrated by the Integration component.

Jeronimo Martins Case Study - Truewind Customer


This disruptive concept exponentially improved our customers’ shopping experience, making them more engaged and loyal to our brand.

Pingo Doce & Go Nova made Jerónimo Martins Group brand to stand out as a technological reference.

Jeronimo Martins Case Study - Truewind Customer

Pingo Doce & Go Nova app, developed by Truewind using Outsystems’ Platform, helped us putting our disruptive vision into action. This is a Paperless, Cashless, Seamless and Tap to Go technology, accessible to everybody, that created a new and easy way to shop, making us a technological reference in the retail industry.

André Faria Chief of Marketing & Consumer Officer, Jerónimo Martins
Jerónimo Martins

We meet the needs of millions of consumers, offering a value proposition based on quality at competitive prices. Our core business is Food Distribution which accounts for more than 95% of the Group’s consolidated sales.
In Poland, our main business is the Biedronka chain of food stores while in Portugal, Pingo Doce and Recheio are leaders in their own segments: retail and wholesale, respectively. In Colombia, we run the Ara chain of neighborhood stores.

Truewind is now Axians