PawFolio App

PawFolio App

Pathway Vet Alliance

Pathway Vet Alliance based in Texas is one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA. They identified the need for an agile software development platform to cope with an extremely dynamic business that is growing in complexity and scale, aiming to be closer to their customers.




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  • Keeping a record of clients’ pets clinical history in one place, allows customers to engage with Pathway clinics on a daily basis.
  • Clients are able to quickly schedule a visit to any Pathway clinic in order to keep their pets healthier.
  • The ability to send automatic notifications allows customers to be alerted on any appointments, reducing the no show rate.
  • Increase the Pathway’s brand awareness & customer loyalty.


Truewind conceived, designed and implemented “PawFolio” for Pathway. This platform is the client/pet owner connection to the practices and it can be split into 3 different components, Mobile App, Backoffice and Practice Management System Integration.
The app allows pet parents to create an account, register their details and link to the practice they visit for their Pet Healthcare needs. The app also retrieves their practice data allowing them to see the pets’ clinical history and upcoming appointments.
Pathway practice management employees can securely access the platform from any web browser, where they can register pet parents directly and configure the system with their specific practice details. This ensures that all practice data is securely stored and accessed in a consistent manner from a single application.

Pathway Vet Alliance case study - Truewind Customer

OutSystems and Truewind allow us to provide an exceptional service to our customers while keeping a dazzling pace as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

David Peppard CIO, Pathway
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Patway Vet Alliance

Since 2003, Pathway has been committed to creating opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary professionals to pursue their passion. They provide practices with operational support, tools, resources and take an active role in fueling their success.
Pathway has come together to help you discover what’s next for your practice and people. Their team has walked in client’s shoes, operated in the surgical suite and worked at the front desk. They know what it’s like to run a practice, and they want to help.