My Randstad

My Randstad


Randstad’s process of managing shift work schedules was done manually and difficult to manage consistently. Amidst the struggle, Randstad’s IT department identified the need to develop a customized mobile app to centralize this information.
Randstad is a multinational that needed to assemble the information, and provide a consistent mobile user experience across several countries. This was a complicated IT challenge requiring a global solution.


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  • Centralize the information
  • A Global Solution
  • Provide a rich end-user experience
  • Reduce paper usage during the process
Randstad case study - Truewind Customer


Truewind conceived, designed and implemented
a solution called “MyRandstad”.

MyRandstand is a mobile app developed with the Outsystems low code platform due to its speed of delivery for mobile and web apps, ability to innovate quickly, and offer a robust user experience.
The app provides a clear view of all shift scheduling and allows
contingent staff to allocate their time for an additional work shift. In addition, it is an efficient way to communicate directly with Randstad.
MyRandstad is now available on both the iOS and Android platforms.
Truewind leveraged its own agile development methodology to
identify the best solution for the organization and drive Randstad’s
project through the different stages to a successful outcome.

Randstad case study - Truewind Customer


Upon completion of the initial pilot phase that included 3,500 users, in four countries (Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy) Randstad reported they were scaling out to 50,000 users in the third quarter after MyRandstad’s release. In the coming months, the expectation is to reach higher application adoption with several million users. With this platform, clients view Randstad as a complete human resources provider offering the full service tech & high touch value they’ve been looking for.

Randstad case study - Truewind Customer

The true partnership happens when we can achieve a high level of commitment and performance on a multicountry, multi-language, multi-timezone and multi-technology level of the relationship. Truewind, is a people first, forward thinking company that has successfully partnered into our team, vision and goals to make this project a significant accomplishment.

Gonçalo Vilhena CIO, Randstad
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