Luz Saúde is one of the largest private healthcare groups in Portugal and a worldwide reference in medical excellence. Digital transformation in healthcare is currently one of the major challenges, by changing the scenario when it comes to getting connected with patients while reducing healthcare costs overall, by attending a patient and storing the data for future reference and by improving operational effectiveness. Luz Saúde intended to improve the quality of care through an adaptation to mobile technologies, online payment, telemedicine, wearables, and IoT.




UX/UI Designer


Frontend Developer




Development months after discovery phase


  • Standardize all the systems by migrating the app to OutSystems.
  • Upgrade and enhance customer platforms, creating new functionalities and features.
  • Increase exponentially the volume of online bookings.
  • Reduce human intervention in the booking process, freeing valuable resources.
  • Give to the customers the ability to self-monitor important health data.
  • Quick and digital access to medical reports and exams.
  • Be at the forefront of the digital healthcare industry.
  • Think digital-first regarding customer experience.
  • Enable digitally integrated patient journeys.


Truewind and Luz Saúde developed a solution called MY LUZ after a thorough discovery phase designed to identify critical and essential features from the customers’ perspective. 

This platform consists of an app and a desktop version created to facilitate the journey of Luz Saúde’s customers when using their services. Besides that, there is a backoffice solution allowing system configuration, contact center management, and doctors’ video calls. 

MY LUZ is a health spot that allows Luz Saúde’s customers to have access to their historical medical data, billing information (including payments), online scheduling, and telemedicine among many other features. The Patient Portal App was developed to increase the customer experience and to liberate data source since the customers are the ultimate owners of their clinical data.  

OutSystems’ low-code platform has been a key digital enabler for Luz Saúde to tackle the challenges raised by Luz Saúde’s business expansion.


Since the launch of this new system, approximately 70% of all doctors allow online appointment bookings through the app MY LUZ or web solution, freeing client support resources to better respond to other challenges and activities. 

My Luz is getting 10 to 15 thousand new customers every month, serving over 300 thousand customers with more than 1 million sessions achieved. Telemedicine is now available to all clients in 40 different medical specialties, both on web and mobile. 

Online bookings increased 400% and over 50% of all overall bookings are now made online without the need for contact center intervention – a great number in line with the company’s growth strategy. 

All the systems are now hosted in one platform, which enables Luz Saúde to create new and better features to empower the customer and drive Luz Saúde’s customers into a digital experience to a powerful new technological future.

“Excellence comes from the human being doing things of value that customers find memorable”, Tom Peters


At Luz Saúde we are committed to improve customer experience by providing consistent service quality and we believe that adapting to new emerging technologies is the best way to evolve and modernize our customer app. As such, using Truewind knowledge in OutSystems and their strong digital methodology, and by using emerging digital technologies, is helping us in communication and application of data to engage and redefine customer service, while increasing efficiency through engaging web and mobile experiences. We are focused on delivering a better customer experience by helping and matching customers’ expectations at every step of the patient journey the best possible way.

Isabel Ventura Digital Innovation & Growth Deputy Director, Luz Saúde Group
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Luz Saúde

Luz Saúde was established in 2000. It is one of the largest healthcare groups in the Portuguese market. The Group provides its services through 30 units located in the north, central and central-south regions of Continental Portugal and in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
Luz Saúde’s vision is to be a leading healthcare provider recognized as a reference of excellence and innovation in highly specialized and complex medical care.