José Mello Saúde(JMS)

José de Mello Saúde (JMS) selected Truewind for the development and implementation of an online and mobile personal area for the CUF health care customers. My CUF enables secure access to a new set of services, features and custom information about customers’ activity in the CUF hospitals and clinics, in a quick and safe way, anywhere.




App downloads on the launch month


Million accesses


Accesses increase


of online appointments


Growth in online appointment requests


MyCUF is a free app available for iOS, Android and Windows that provides access to an online personal area showing past customer activity, including the activity of their under 16 children’s. Customers can access appointment scheduling, medical appointments history, blood test results and also imaging and gastro reports.

Through MyCUF, customers can consult medical exams requests, prescribed medication and the status of hospitalization and surgery authorizations. Customers can access appointment scheduling, medical appointments history, blood test results, imaging and gastro reports. MyCUF users may also access and pay their service invoices online. In addition, anywhere, anytime, customers can access and easily update their personal data or consult medical articles written by specialists from different areas.


  • Improve customer service and support
  • Effectively manage the CUF customers’ personal information
  • Facilitate access and interaction with the hospital service
  • Gain autonomy and capacity to improve online services offer
  • Serve the customer through mobile devices
  • Improve customers’ satisfaction and user experience.


MyCUF implementation provided José de Mello Saúde with greater autonomy, ease of maintenance as well as flexibility to evolve and introduce new features. In turn, the customer profits especially from a great ease of navigation combined with fast access to information and new online services.

Providing the first free hospital app in Portugal, José de Mello Saúde strengthened the position of CUF as a reference brand through a high profile innovation and in adopting new technologies to service customer. Just a month after launch nearly five thousand people had already downloaded the My CUF App, including 3.100 iOS and 1.900 Android downloads.

JMS is a pioneer in integrating new technologies to get efficiently closer to its customers. Again, it has identified a precious opportunity to provide the best customer’s experience, accessibility and convenience. This project reinforces the positioning in differentiation, innovation and the customer loyalty to JMS’ CUF brand. My CUF is clearly a winning project in the combination of two dimensions: the improvement of service quality and the improvement of the customer’s experience, improving the efficiency of JMS’s processes.

Zaida Veloso Dias Remote Channels Direction, José Mello Saúde