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The Portuguese Psychologists Society (PPS), a professional association representing psychologists and responsible for regulating the practice of psychology, decided to improve the quality of the service provided to its members by creating an integrated system to centralize and manage all the members’ information.
Since its creation, PPS aimed to dematerialize its processes. Enrollment of members has always been performed through the website, but the back office was only prepared for registry management, leaving several gaps in the process. Before the development, those gaps were filled by the team with manual offline tools, like Excel files and paper-based sub-processes. There was no full control of the information, which led to the data being spread across several additional support programs and reduced visibility of the info. To get a clear image of member status one would need to go through several systems and data sources, causing the team to waste a lot of time on error-prone tasks, preventing them from focusing on what is most important.


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  • Gain autonomy and ability to create new innovative services;
  • Allow easy access and interaction with provided services;
  • Effectively manage members’ information and processes; 
  • Centralize members’ information in one system and accelerating processes;
  • Increase data quality through validation and control mechanisms.


To address all challenges and reach the specified goals the PPS developed a new integrated member management system that centralizes and aggregates all the information about a member. This became a one-stop-shop for a complete overview of all processes that relate to a member, including information taken from other systems such as financial and payment data managed in the ERP.

Registration of new members now respects stricter validation rules, helping users to avoid errors and improving data quality. The system’s main screen allows to easily create new processes and monitor pending cases, activating necessary actions to the progress of processes. Business processes are supported by a workflow, ensuring standardization and compliance from all actors. This guarantees that the member receives a consistent response irrespective of the staff member who executes a certain task. The system also monitors deadlines and service levels, notifying the staff and escalating the processes when needed, ensuring that the Society complies with all its legal obligations.


IMMS was a remarkable success, both because of the effectiveness of the support provided to the members and in the standardization of work processes, increasing data quality and process automation. Customer service became more fluent, without redundant internal interactions between multiple services, simplifying processes and protecting the customer from the remaining complexity.

IMMS guaranteed that the working processes meet the standards set in the Quality Management System, generating all the required evidence and avoiding much of the bureaucracy that would otherwise be necessary. Process standardization was key to improving the quality of the service provided to psychologists and to the general public.

The system supports the team that delivers the Society’s services to psychologists and is integrated with other key applications, which is the main interaction point with members. It enabled the improvement of service delivered to psychologists and to the public while streamlining processes and operations, focusing the team on the quality of service delivered and untangling repetitive, data collection and validation tasks.

Portuguese Psychologists Society focused on improving the service quality provided and since 2009 we needed to manage a large and growing amount of information. In order to do this, we chose Truewind to partner with, developing a custom integrated and innovative solution: the IMMS for the Portuguese Psychologists Society. The project was based on experience acquired over time with the involvement of the PPS’s team and Truewind’s consultants.

Franscisco Miranda Rodrigues Executive Director, Portuguese Psychologists Society
Portuguese Psychologists Society(PPS)

The Portuguese Psychologists Society is the professional association representing Psychologists, with the aim to regulate, safeguard and promote Psychology professionals in Portugal. The use of psychologist title and to practice professionally psychology, in any activity or sector, requires Portuguese Psychologist Society registration as a full member.