Retail Execution

Retail Execution

Delta Coffee

Delta Coffee had a mobile application for gathering the data that commercials collected from stores but it didn’t satisfy the company’s needs completely. This data was synchronized at the end of the day to a central database. However, no further analyses were possible and Delta Coffee didn´t have sufficient information to improve its strategy regarding customers buying decisions that happen at the point of sales.
In order to solve the problems above and to use the advantage of retail routes information for scheduling audit visits, Truewind conceived, designed and implemented Retail Execution Mobile, Retail Execution Back Office Application and Retail Business Intelligence System Analysis.




Development weeks


Active users


Audited stores (PT)

80 500

Audited activities


  • Integrate with other Delta legacy applications.
  • Assure that all Sales Reps follow the same business rules in audit activities and with the Trade Promotion Management Tool.
  • Improving communication between commercials & clients.
  • Maximize key accounts & commercials’ performance by facilitating their daily work.
  • Capability to create customers rankings.
  • Quickly react to competitors.
  • Became paperless.
  • Increased business volume of Modern Distribution Channel.
  • Have a range of Analytic capabilities.


Retail Execution is a mobile platform to facilitate the daily working life of Delta Coffee’s key accounts and commercials that allows to store level tracking on data related to out-of-stock, on-shelf availability & innovation speed-to-market, share of shelf availability & share of assortment, competitive pricing, promotional compliance & call-to-action and, to access merchandising rules compliance.
The mobile app is also supported by a backoffice where all configurations are performed and maintained. The data is synchronized periodically to a central database to be easily accessible by the commercials and administrators. Another feature is the Retail Execution BI System built to analyze all data collected by calendar dates, stores, visits and commercial activities, allowing them to make better decisions.


Retail Execution system brought a lot of possibilities that until now were not possible, such as:

  • The improvement and performance of the way commercials collect information.
  • The access to the sell-out data by Sales Reps in the mobile app.
  • The possibility to take photos during a visit.
  • The possibility to access  the operational information updated during the day through the backoffice by key accounts.
  • The possibility to access to all this data and indicators in a higher-level system.
  • And of course, the system allows the configuration of store assortment, activities, Perfect Store methodology and association between SAP routes and commercial users. All these enabled us to achieve the stores’ maximum performance and increase sales.

Retail Execution is a mobile platform for sales reps, account and category managers allowing store level tracking on OOS/ OSA, innovation speed-to-market, share of shelf & assortment, planogram & merchandising compliance, promo compliance from retailers and placement of POS material. The info collected is then grouped by banner, sales rep or any other dimension for analysis, sharing and action-setting. It’s also connected with the Trade Promo Management Tool – in order to track promo funding investment down to store level compliance, making trade terms investment work harder for both parties – and with retail EPOS store-level data – so that sales reps are fully empowered to enhance store performance.

Natanael Baptista Modern Grocery & Automatic Distribution Business Unit Director, Delta Coffee
Delta Coffee

Delta Coffee Group is the leader coffee roaster and distributor in the market. With over 50 years of history and presence in over 35 countries, cover the five continents and counting 3.200 employees. Delta ensured its Development and expansion through innovation, with a commitment to a strong sales network and monitoring of clients. The organization’s goal is to further strengthen leadership and open new markets.