Contract Management

Contract Management

Delta Coffee

Delta Coffee identified the need to come up with a new solution to the system already implemented (IBM Lombardi), in order to support all workflow on the business processes among different companies and different business channels they had already in place such as Horeca, Institutional, Office & Restaurants and Business Solutions.
There was also a requirement to migrate all the data to the new platform, developed in OutSystems, to reduce the efforts and costs associated with the buildout of new functionalities, as well as growing the company’s internal autonomy to respond to the continuous need of change required by the business areas.




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Contract processes


  • Integrate with other core solutions (SAP; Delta Mobile; Toldiconfex).
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of communication between business departments and central teams.
  • Systematization and standardization of approval flows and key indicators.
  • Agility and speed responding to business needs.
  • Operation costs’ reduction.
  • Reduce paper usage in business proposals and contract management.


Delta Coffee Contract Management combines two major functionalities to improve contract management processes: 1. Workflow Engine Setup, 2. Bussiness Operations.
In the Workflow Engine Setup area, admin users can manage the workflow engine roles by contract type and sub-type, by company, by business channel and by department. All validation rules like the definition of tasks per stage, the profiles roles that can validate and decide about approvals and dependency between tasks are defined centrally.
Bussiness Operations area is accessed by users of all Group Nabeiro companies. All the business areas related with contract management approval processes like, Sales Directors, Finance, Assets Management, Legal, Litigation and Administration can access the solution and easily identify tasks they have to accomplish by due date, workflow status, view contract documents and details, mainly revenue, investment and contract performance.


Contract Management platform allowed a greater integration with Delta Coffee’s core systems increasing the business departments’ efficiency and effectiveness.
Despite the operation costs’ reduction, the systematization and standardization of all approval processes within the company sped up the business needs’ response.
Contract Management platform also allowed the reduction of paper in all business processes achieving one of Delta Coffee’s goals to become environmentally friendly.


Contract Management system implementation allowed to centralize the business rules from the various business areas and subareas of the Nabeiro Group, through its workflow engine and procedural flows, making it possible to quickly adapt the process and the tasks’ distribution to the multiple teams involved in the transactional process.

Marta Carvalho Commercial Management, Delta Coffee
Delta Coffee

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