Refriango support services responsible for accommodate and transport employees (GALT) were struggling with people in different locations using different systems and generating inconsistent data. Effective management based on continuous data analysis was required.


Refriango’s GALT team had different systems to support their daily work. The systems were inefficient, used in locations across two continents, generated duplicate, inconsistent, data and lead to a time-consuming process disentangling the information and allocating cost. This team has to manage important assets used to house and transport Refriango’s professionals and guests across nine countries, minimizing expense while providing effective service and correctly allocating the costs of each action. Data inconsistency and cumbersome systems were biting into effective management that can only be based on accurate and timely data.


Centralise all data and eliminate work duplication;

Provide real-time data from teams, improving decision-making;

Increase management information quality;

Automate billing of internal services;

Increase management motivation by improving process control;

Key Figures


6 Developers

45 Active users

4 months to develop

18% increase of available transports

  "The new global era forces organisations to constantly adapt and change. OutSystems enables IT to deliver business enabling solutions faster. Leveraging on selected partners, like Truewind, it's possible to succeed using an optimized and simple approach."

Refriango CIO


The GALT portal conceived and implemented by Truewind centralises all information (integrating data from several information sources i.e. SAP, Excel, etc.) and empowered better decision-making. In 4 months Truewind delivered a valued tool and a useful point of collaboration with Refriango’s employees.

Accommodation and transportation of employees and guests are managed in one single system, completely synced with SAP and leveraging on a single master data. Operational processes are greatly improved by wrapping around existing SAP modules and making these available to every single worker in an intuitive and guided app, that doesn’t resemble SAP at all and with no need for training. GALT doesn’t need to use different systems to get the information and workers report their expenses in a user-friendly app.



GALT solution eliminated the need for a number of satellite applications and automatically integrates with SAP PM, MM, FI and HR. This provided extra productivity and better asset management. From the end-user point of view, the new app is much easier to use, making it easy to feed in the data the company requires, eliminating the burden of reporting after the fact, greatly improving information accuracy.