José de Mello Saúde (JMS) aimed to strengthen the position of the CUF network’s operation in Portugal. One of the challenges was to aggregate all websites under one brand. Truewind reshaped the online presence of the group, integrating 19 autonomous websites into a single one in just 12 weeks, simplifying and accelerating the interaction of the customers with JMS's health units.


José de Mello Saúde is a benchmark healthcare company, delivering high-quality health services in eight hospitals and seven clinics operating under the CUF brand. CUF healthcare units developed a brand-building project, part of a broader project of consolidation and expansion of the health network, which brought up the need to rethink the group’s online presence. Before this project, the main purpose of CUF website was to drive traffic to the unit websites, that all worked independently. The previous CUF website had little information while each unit’s website had more detailed information according to the facility’s practices.


Strengthen the CUF brand, increase visibility and awareness;

Simplify the customers’ interaction with the many CUF healthcare units;

Improve JMS’s online contents;

Improve the website’s ranking (SEO);

Key Figures


19 websites unified 

33% visit growth

70% online appointments

5 min interval update for waiting time

12 development weeks

 “The development of CUF unified website was a long, demanding and complex project. We were delighted to rely on Truewind’s experience to help us implement a completely new website structure, with the least possible impact on the index and search engines positioning. Through the unified website, our customers now have transversal visibility over the CUF network offer, reinforcing our positioning as the benchmark private healthcare company in Portugal.”

JMS  Remote Channels Director


After benchmarking and best practices analysis, Truewind reshaped and restructured the brand’s online presence. The strategy included standardised content production for the network, independently of each unit’s specificities, and an area of specialised information for hospitals and clinics to promote their specialised offer. Multiple websites were aggregated to simplify the navigation and improve customer experience.

With the CUF’s website new structure, intuitive back offices were enabled to allow easy information management, integrated with the core hospital management systems where all the master data is managed. The integrated website runs on the OutSystems platform, ensuring total integration with pre-existing information on JMS’s systems. OutSystems made it easier to implement new features to address new business needs, enabling continuous delivery of the system


Rather than focusing on presenting institutional information, the new CUF unified website was designed to meet the customers’ needs and most wanted features, with particular emphasis on doctors and speciality search and online appointment scheduling, which was completely revised to align with customers’ feedback.

User experience best practices: with a maximum of 3 clicks, users can have access to 90% of the available information. The implementation of responsive web design guarantees full compatibility with mobile devices. By providing interesting and reliable information, such as health articles written by opinion-making doctors, the CUF website reaches an increasing number of users who search for that information online.
In addition, the unification strategy of JMS’s websites has strengthened the brand’s digital presence and enhanced the level of search engine optimization. On October 2015, the Portuguese Consumer Watchdog (DECO Proteste) analysed the online presence of 68 Portuguese public and private hospitals and selected CUF Descobertas, one of CUF healthcare units, as the top-rated.