Truewind partnered with - Hemobrás- the Brazilian Company of Blood Derivatives and Biotechnology to develop and implement a system to optimize the audit process of 120 highly regulated blood centres in Brazil.


Hemobrás is a pharmaceutical company that produces blood-derived medicines. Hemobrás must conduct systematic and rigorous monitoring of the blood processing workflow, from blood collection to release of the plasma fraction, ensuring that all work processes meet stringent quality standards. Previously, compliance with specifications and mandatory institutional recommendations were monitored through an extensive checklist filled manually. Once they got back to Hemobrás’s offices, auditors would need to type their findings and issue any corrective measures before they could file their audit report.


Implement an efficient manage and control system for blood centres, complying with international quality standards;

Gain agility, safety and uniformity in the audit processes;

Manage collected audit information effectively;

Increase quality and reliability of audit data and reports through validation and control mechanisms;

Improve information flow and trace audit info.

Key Figures


144 blood centres, labs and collection centres

129 institutions audited annually

495 checklist items 

112 audits during 2014

4 x faster to prepare an audit report

1.160 hours saved in auditors’ work

 “With the Blood Centres Audit System, the entire audit experience has become much more productive. We achieved gains in security because we know that all information collected will be presented in the main information collected will be presented in the main product of the audit, the report. In addition, the system gives uniformity to the auditors’ vision and this is very important for the accuracy and impartiality of Hemobrás’ final verdict.”

Hemobrás Auditor


The new system provides the auditor’s checklist on a tablet, allowing greater information control through an autocomplete function. Since some blood centres are located in areas with weak or no network coverage, the system stores information offline, uploading it to the system automatically when online. The audit report is generated in one click and the responsible auditor quickly gets it ready for approval. Built with OutSystems, the Blood Centres Audit System is prepared to integrate new features in line with regulations and constant evolution. The Use of the SCRUM framework ensured steady commitment of all Truewind and Hemobrás stakeholders throughout the project.


The Blood Centres Audit System was fully accepted by the Hemobrás auditing team, becoming their main working tool and resulting in significant improvements in agility, safety and standardization. Previously, the final report could take up to a week to complete, now the report is delivered in just a few hours. Information flows effectively and becomes immediately available to the full Hemobrás audit team whatever their location. Hemobrás increased standardization and security of the entire audit process, ensuring an accurate assessment of quality standards. Information tracing and tracking enables identification of the responsible person for different reports stages and audit elaboration process.