To strengthen its online strategy, insurance company Açoreana Seguros decided to extend the services provided by the Service Portal to another area, the Internal Technical Center for Claims Auditing – NATIS – An organic unit dedicated to the detection and investigation of fraud.


Açoreana evolved its business model by offering online services to its partners streamline operations. The Service Portal provided the Accident Management area with contextualized services, made available to partners in various sectors: automobile, property and work accidents. Part of NATIS operation was supported by paper controlled processes that completed a set of legacy applications that didn’t interact. This reality forced operations personnel and managers to use various systems throughout the life cycle of investigation requests, resulting in duplication of work and data, decreasing data quality and increasing the probability of error.


Provide greater control of investigation requests;

Reduce response time in service delivery;

Manage collected audit information effectively;

Reduce errors;

Provide better integration between systems.

Key Figures


3.476 closed requests per month, 22% more than before

Immediate delivery of requests, in contrast to 5 days per month

90% of services were completed within deadlines

146 fraud cases detected per month, 34% more than before

 “NATIS Portal allowed us to update and accelerate all procedures related to services, resulting in great agility of communication with our claims adjusters and systems. The Portal brought Açoreana high performance and competitive gains with the unification of services and instant sharing of all info. The success lies in the wide acceptance and commitment of everyone involved in the project from the beginning, in which the Portal is used on a daily basis by hundreds of users."

NATIS Department Manager


NATIS Portal was developed by Truewind and Açoreana following three basic pillars: reengineering of the NATIS operational process to suit the online strategy, focus on usability to maximize productivity and ensure acceptance by all stakeholders and integration with legacy systems to optimize performance and minimize failures. The application allows a centralized management of the entire investigation requests, creating new requests and automatically synchronizing all information and documentation to claims adjusters, allowing the NATIS operations personnel to assign investigations to experts with minimal additional work.

Claims adjusters use the Portal as a tool to manage all their research work, allowing the creation of research reports in the application through forms, standardizing and improving the quality of collected data. After approval by NATIS management, these reports are generated and automatically synchronized, becoming immediately available to the Accident Management team. Registration of expense notes is now a self-service process, performed directly by claims adjusters through the Portal, simplifying monthly payments.


The project achieved wide acceptance by stakeholders, improving the quality and speed of the service provided by Açoreana. Claims adjusters also have a unanimous opinion: the new Portal proven to be a central tool of all the work they perform, clearly assisting and optimizing their tasks. Users have different roles and permissions and profiles with personalized pages and special features were created to optimize work management. Before, the processing of a new investigation request sometimes took five days. Now, new requests are delivered to the claims adjusters in the day of ordering.