A new insurance portal with legacy system integration

Global insurance company AXA wanted to strengthen relationships with independent brokers by providing them with immediate online access to customer claims data from any device. A new platform to modernise legacy systems was needed to simplify claims tracking and that is why AXA invested in building an insurance portal for brokers using OutSystems low-code platform. This process allowed them to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary processes and delays;
  • Cut development time in half;
  • Reduce call centre volume and costs;
  • Have immediate claims access on any device for 3000+ brokers.

The AXA way of simplifying processes

Traditionally, AXA brokers had to call their customer service center and wait on hold to access their customer’s claim information, which was not efficient. To improve efficiency, they needed a platform where they could easily access all the information on the go. Their budget was spent maintaining existing applications and ageing legacy systems, there were very limited resources to quickly build a portal that could be accessed by mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

That is why AXA’s IT team turned to OutSystems low-code platform which enables agile development, testing, deployment, and management of applications in an amazingly short time frame. Besides all of the above, the platform allows legacy systems to integrate with new applications.

Knowing this, AXA built an innovative insurance portal — eServe — in just three months (about half the time it would take with traditional development methods), which provides a highly-functional front-end that works on both mobile devices and desktop computers. OutSystems enabled the integration with AXA’s legacy system, ACS, an in-house platform based on Oracle and .NET. The portal enables:

  • Real-time insurance claim status tracking.
  • Clear identification of suppliers allocated to claims (repair shops, etc.).
  • Next steps and timelines in the claims workflow for each individual claim.

The results?

AXA brokers can instantly retrieve their customer’s claim information 24/7 from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Also, they found the system intuitive and easy to use without special training. Customer service calls have decreased, allowing AXA to greatly reduce its costs. In addition, AXA launched a customer version of eServe that enables policyholders to directly access information about their claims.

OutSystems gave AXA the means and vision to achieve future legacy system modernization by building a web-based portal that helps them better serve their customers. It will be continuously improved in order to provide additional benefits and functionalities to brokers and customers.

Truewind’s approach with Açoreana Seguros

Just like AXA, Açoreana wanted to strengthen its online strategy. They decided to extend the services provided by their service portal to another area: Internal Technical Centre for Claims Auditing (NATIS), an organic unit dedicated to the detecting and investigation of fraud.

The Service Portal provided the Accident Management area with contextualised services that are available to different sector partners: automobile, property and work accidents. Initially, part of NATIS’ operation was supported by paper processes and a set of legacy applications that didn’t interact with each other. Operations staff and managers had to use several systems during investigation requests, resulting in extra work, data duplication, decreased data quality and increased error portability.

In order to update and accelerate all procedures and maximise productivity, Truewind and Açoreanadeveloped NATIS Portal using OutSystems low-code platform aiming to:

  • Provide greater control of investigation requests;
  • Reduce response time in service delivery;
  • Manage collected audit information effectively;
  • Reduce errors;
  • Provide better integration between systems.

With this Portal, it was possible to manage all research work and create reports through forms with more qualified data. Once approved, these reports are generated and automatically synchronised becoming immediately available to the team. Assigning investigations to experts with minimal additional work is now a reality.

A successful partnership

Similarly to AXA, Açoreana also achieved positive results and, in this case, having Truewind as its partner. The portal now used on a daily basis by hundreds of users has brought high performance and competitive gains with the unification of services and instant sharing of information.

In fact, the number of closed requests per month is now about 3476, having increased by 22%. In the past the requests’ delivery would take 5 days, now it is done on the same day, resulting in 90% completed services within deadlines. Also, more fraud cases were detected per month, an additional 34% than before, which means major attention to possible errors.

Besides the numbers, it is consensual among the team that the portal has proven to be a central tool essential to all the work they perform, clearly assisting and optimising their tasks. The project achieved wide acceptance by stakeholders and it has improved the quality and speed of the services provided by Açoreana.

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