Over the last few months, Truewind’s creative teams worked hard to create a new brand identity to support the company’s considerable growth both in size and operations. 

The new brand was created to reflect the boldness founded in their people, knowledge, excellence, and clients, as Paulo Mártires, Truewind’s Design and Digital Experience Director, mentioned.

“We wanted a brand that symbolized who we are and where we want to go, and that could only be achieved from within. So, all company departments took part in the process of discovering our voice that the design team translated into a bold and bright visual language.”

Truewind’s rebranding also has a strong focus on the way clients see the organization. The brand reflects the high-quality projects Truewind delivers, as well as the professionalism, hard work, and commitment from its talented Truewinders. Paulo Mártires adds – “Our new brand expresses our culture but also communicates a company that tackles client challenges with business expertise, technical excellence, and human experience focus.

This rebrand is part of Truewind’s strategy for 2020.