No less than 57% of Dutch people prefer to stay logged in automatically to all applications, even though this entails security risks. If your phone is hacked, for example through phishing, criminals can easily access personal data. The group of over-sixties finds security most important: only a third (33%) likes to be automatically logged in to an app. For the respondents under thirty years of age, this is no less than 75%. This is evident from a survey of 566 working Dutch, conducted by Truewind, a global digital solutions provider based on the OutSystems low-code platform.

38% can no longer live without apps

38% of Dutch people said they can no longer live without apps. Mainly women (45%) who have a problem with that, and men less (31%). Moreover, the younger the Dutchman, the more dependent he/she is on apps. The younger generations grew up with the internet and (mobile) apps, the reason why it is impossible to imagine life without them. For the Dutch under 30 years old, 58% said they couldn’t live without apps, while only 24% of those over 60 would find this difficult.

Most important feature

For 61% of the Dutch, the ease of use of an app is in the top 3 most important features. If an app is difficult to understand, three quarters (77%) will switch to another app. Ease of use is followed by safety (57%) and functionality (46%). Looking specifically at the youngest generation (under thirty), the price of an app is the most important. 36% consider it important that an app is free. 

Ruud Hochstenbach, responsible for business development at Truewind in the Benelux said: “Safety is in the top 3 for young Dutch people. This is striking since three-quarters of them prefer to remain automatically logged in to their apps. Perhaps they are not aware of the security risks they run, despite the fact that there are almost daily news reports about hacks at companies. Therefore, app developers must ensure that an app is extra secure since users are not always aware of this themselves. Young people often think they have a lot of knowledge, so they underestimate online dangers. I think older people are more cautious and therefore better judges of these dangers.” 


About the research

This survey was commissioned by Truewind and conducted by PanelWizard among 566 working Dutch people, aged eighteen and older. Of these, 55 percent were male and 45 percent female. Age was divided into five categories: younger than 30 years (19%), 30-39 years (20%), 40-49 years (28%), 50-59 years (25%), and 60 years and older (8%). 

Image: Important features of an app, by age group

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